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Study on Soil Quality Evolution and Control Mechanism in Coal Mining Subsidence Area

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.012


Bao Siqin, Su Jiahui, Jiang Min

Corresponding Author

Bao Siqin


Coal is an important energy source for China's heavy and light industries, chemical industries and other industries. However, the current overexploitation of coal seriously damages the surface structure, resulting in a decline in soil quality. Coal mining causes fragile ecological environment, surface subsidence and cracks, reduces the quality of soil activity and seriously destroys the balance of the whole ecosystem. Therefore, through summarizing the current situation of coal mining subsidence area, it is found that coal mining subsidence area leads to the decline of soil quality. Based on this, by analyzing current problems in coal mining subsidence areas, it is proposed that relevant policies such as soil remediation measures and soil compensation mechanism should be formulated from the government's point of view, and the implementation of the plan should be ensured through cooperation with enterprises and mass supervision, with a view to providing useful reference for the treatment of other coal mining subsidence areas in the future.


Coal; Subsidence area; soil quality; Prevention and control mechanism