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Research on High-rise Green Building Design

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.011


Nan Zhang, He Jin

Corresponding Author

Nan Zhang


Green energy-saving is a hot spot in the current social and economic development, especially in the construction industry as a basic industry to promote the sustainable development of our national economy, which needs to meet the social value needs of green development. In the design process of high-rise buildings, green energy-saving consciousness and building should be combined with design, which plays an important role in reducing energy consumption and improving the comfort of living environment. Firstly, this paper expounds the design concept of green high-rise building, and analyses the application of green high-rise building design in green building design with examples. It shows the significance and necessity of green strategy in the design of higher-rise building, and elaborates in detail the design points and structure of high-rise building, and points out that the application of green strategy in the design of green high-rise building is of great significance and necessity. Diversification of green strategy in high-rise building design is of long-term significance to society.


High-rise Building; Green Strategy; Energy-saving Design