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Experimental Exploration of Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal Integrated System

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.004


Qingqian Wang, Ye Cao

Corresponding Author

Qingqian Wang


For the purpose of improving the use efficiency of solar energy and obtaining usable hot water and electric power at the same time, a small photovoltaic system structure for storing solar energy and a household flat-panel solar water heater can be integrated and formed, so that a photovoltaic cell device layer is arranged at a heat collecting plate of a flat-box aluminum alloy of the water heater, and a whole set of photovoltaic photo-thermal (PV/T) integrated system is formed. On the basis of expounding the principle of the experimental system, this paper carries out quantitative analysis on the calculation of its device efficiency, analyzes the integrated efficiency of photoelectric and photothermal devices, analyzes the construction of experimental equipment, and carries out experimental detection of the system performance in the cyclic mode environment under natural conditions in the S region. According to the experimental data, when the system is in a sunny or cloudy environment, the comprehensive performance efficiency index Ef is about 58%, which is obviously superior to the heating efficiency of the ordinary flat water heater. As for the efficiency of a single type of photovoltaic system, the efficiency is more obvious. In addition, after 24 hours of sunshine, most of the final temperature of the water exceeds 50℃, and even exceeds 60℃. Therefore, the system can sufficiently satisfy the user's need for hot water.


Solar energy; photovoltaic light and thermal integration; system experiment; comprehensive efficiency