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Research Progress of the Impact of Climate Change on Flood Disasters

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DOI: 10.25236/acete.2019.003


Yipu Wang, Hongchao Zuo

Corresponding Author

Yipu Wang


Since the 21st century, the change of global climate has been relatively large. At the same time, it has caused more and more natural disasters, which has not only posed a serious threat to people’s property and life security, but also produced a greater impact on the comprehensive development of the country. Among many disasters, flood disasters have the most frequent occurrence and have brought serious losses to people. This issue has attracted the attention of relevant scholars at home and abroad, while the relevant government and departments also offer strong support for the in-depth study. In this paper, some impacts of climate change on flood disasters are briefly described and the processes are briefly analyzed.


Climate change; flood disasters; impact; serious losses