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Research on control strategy of battery charge and discharge circuit based on intelligent shutter

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.073


Fengxu Li, Zhiqian Li, Dongling Pen

Corresponding Author

Fengxu Li


the development of clean energy has been paid more and more attention by many countries, and photovoltaic power generation is being developed all over the world. Because the battery charge and discharge in the independent power generation system is relatively frequent, in order to prolong the battery life, reduce system failure, improve system stability and reduce the operation cost of power generation, it is necessary to manage the battery charge and discharge. In this paper, a solar energy intelligent shutter battery charge and discharge controller based on PWM control is designed. The system is mainly composed of MCU, voltage acquisition, charge control and discharge control.


Solar energy intelligent shutter; battery; intelligent shutter; charging and discharging