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Research on Design of the Portable Toilet Based on Human-machine Scenario

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.069


Wei Xu, Jinglian Chen

Corresponding Author

Jinglian Chen


In recent years, traditional public toilets can no longer meet demands at a time of sudden population growth. And functions and design details of the portable toilet cannot meet the needs of users, which made users unwell. This study explored the behaviour of users in the portable toilets and summarized user needs. In order to more potential users’ necessities, this paper combines the user's behaviour level with 5w1h based on the ergonomics scenario to obtain the needs of portable toilet users. By the construction of portable public toilet usage scenarios to users' emotions in different scenarios. There are descriptive statistics, gender difference analysis and 5w1h analytical method to infer user requirements.


Scenario building; Behaviour level; Descriptive statistics; Portable toilets