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Research on Business English Composition Automatic Scoring System Based on Text Clustering in Computer Network Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.066


Li Qing

Corresponding Author

Li Qing


in the context of computer network, the study of automatic composition scoring is still in its infancy in china. For business English composition teaching, the scoring needs to be specific to unspecified topics and is universal. In terms of compositional content evaluation, it is possible to group together text clustering by classifying the vocabularies of composition vocabularies. This paper, by studying the problem of business English composition scoring, combines text clustering theory, perfects its application, and puts together less than one possible misunderstanding essay to be judged by the teacher, which can greatly reduce the work force of teachers and improve the accuracy of composition judgments. Sex and efficiency have a positive effect on business English composition teaching


Computer Network; Automatic Composition Score; Business English; Text Clustering