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Research on Computer Network Security under the Background of Big Data Era

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.064


Guannan Wang

Corresponding Author

Guannan Wang


in the era of big data, the network development information of human society has been continuously improved and enriched. With the vigorous promotion of all walks of life, the capability of database technology has brought great convenience to the country and even the whole country with its super cloud computing capability and extensive data sharing. However, big data also poses many potential threats to the safe operation of computer network systems when it brings efficient, convenient and large-capacity information services to computer networks. A large amount of data and information spread rapidly in the network, so the demand for information security is getting higher and higher. In the era of big data, china needs to attach great importance to the security of computer network information. According to the characteristics of big data and network information, we need to develop a complete computer network information security management plan. This paper introduces the influence of big data era on network security, analyzes the main problems of computer in the field of network security in the era of big data, and puts forward the measures to improve the level of network security in the era of big data.


Big Data; Network Security; Cloud Computing