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Internet of Things Era under 5G Mobile Communication Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.063


Duan Chao

Corresponding Author

Duan Chao


The internet of things is an important component of the new information age and also an important stage of information development. As its name implies, the internet of things is the internet where things are connected. In the mobile communication industry, starting from 2g network, it gradually develops and progresses to 3g, followed by the current 4g network. The rapid development of mobile network brings great convenience to people's life and also brings the possibility of diversification for social and economic development. In the mode of internet of things, 5g mobile communication technology has begun to be applied, and 5g is the basis of everything connected in the internet of things. This paper first introduces the connotation and characteristics of 5g mobile communication network, analyzes the connotation of the internet of things, and then discusses the integration of the internet of things and 5g mobile communication.


5g Technology; Mobile Communications; Internet of Things