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Research on Cloud Computing Data Center Structure and Scheduling Mechanism Based on Internet of Things

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.054


Li Liping

Corresponding Author

Li Liping


In the era of the rapid development of the internet of things, the rapid development of cloud computing has promoted the rapid development of large-scale data centers, but also brought huge energy consumption costs. In-depth study of energy conservation in green cloud computing data centers has certain practical significance. In the cloud computing environment, the internet transfers information and data to direct transfer services. Since the emergence of cloud computing, through the continuous development of science and technology. With the continuous advancement of academia and industry, the application of cloud computing is constantly developing and deepening, and cloud computing is also moving from theory to practice. In recent years, the computer industry has developed rapidly. As a new type of network technology, cloud computing has achieved unprecedented development. Cloud computing technology has brought unprecedented changes to the entire computer industry. This article designed the cloud computing architecture of the iot data center, hoping to propose a new scheduling mechanism for the intelligent management of the data center.


Internet of Things; Cloud Computing; Data Center; Scheduling Mechanism