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Application of Mobile Monitoring System of Smart Home Based on Wifi

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.052


Xie Zhixin, Qi Hao, Wu Jie

Corresponding Author

Wu Jie


With the continuous progress of the times, intelligent products have constantly entered people's lives. The intelligent development of information technology has brought convenience to people's lives. In people's daily furniture life, the use of intelligent technology to achieve the centralized control of a variety of resources is becoming more and more popular, which is also the direction of people's future development. With the continuous popularization of high-tech products, home mobile monitoring system comes into people's vision, through the way of WiFi transmission, to achieve home mobile monitoring operation. Based on the classic STM32 series 32F103 single chip microcomputer in electrical engineering as the control center of the monitoring system, and WiFi as the signal transmission way, a complete intelligent home mobile monitoring system is established. Through such a system, flexible home monitoring operation can be realized, and the establishment cost of the system is not high, but also has strong expansibility and high application value. This paper analyzes the establishment of the intelligent home mobile monitoring system based on WiFi, discusses the establishment of the hardware and software components of the intelligent home mobile monitoring system, so as to realize the basic home monitoring operation and contribute to the development of the intelligent home control system.


Wifi Transmission Technology; Smart Home; Mobile Monitoring System; Single-Chip Microcomputer