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Research on the Application and Development of Creative Products Based on Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.050


Dongdong He, Zhijie Huang

Corresponding Author

Dongdong He


with the Development of Artificial Intelligence, the Form of Product Innovation is Changing. the User-Centered and People-Oriented Design Concept Must Be Paid More and More Attention. the Styling Design of Literary Products is Presented to Us in the First Position. Literary Products Are the Combination of Culture and Creativity. the Theme of Strengthening the Core of Culture is Needed in Their Styling Design. with Exquisite Emotional Experience, Creative Elements Are Extracted and Integrated into the Styling Design of Products. the Development of Artificial Intelligence Technology Will Become the New Engine of World Economic Development. the Application of Cultural Elements to the Design of Cultural and Creative Products Can Enhance the Cultural Connotation and Cultural Uniqueness of the Products, and Also Provide New Ideas for the Inheritance of Modern Society. with the Help of Modern High Technology, the Essence of Traditional Culture is Integrated to Achieve the Effect of Spreading Culture, Enhancing the Cultural Value of Products, and At the Same Time Obtaining Economic Benefits.


Artificial Intelligence; Creative Products; Development