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Research on Ubiquitous Intelligent Service of University Intelligent Libraries from the Perspective of Multiple Embedding

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.046


Yaling Hu

Corresponding Author

Yaling Hu


Driven by Intelligent Technologies Such as Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, Libraries Will Inevitably Move from Physical Libraries and Digital Libraries to Intelligent Libraries, Which Will Become the Direction and New Form of Library Development in the Future. under the Ubiquitous Knowledge Environment, the Development of Knowledge Economy, the Networking of Social Development, the Socialization of Science and the Scientization of Society Have Had a Profound Impact on Library Science. Knowledge Service is the Mainstream Service Mode of University Library, and It is Also the Hot Spot of Theoretical Research in the Field of Graphics and Information. Based on the Multiple Embedded Perspective, This Paper Expounds the Current Situation of the Research on the Construction of University Intelligent Library Resources in China, and Puts Forward the Methods to Solve the Problems in the Process of Innovation and Development of University Library Intelligent Service.


Libraries; Smart Service; Resources Construction