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Research and Application Progress on Noise Control of Transformers

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.043


Jian Lang, Xiaofeng Yang, Zhenxian Li, Guohua Mo, Xiao Wen, Hequn Min, Meigen Cao

Corresponding Author

Jian Lang


Noise pollution of transformers becomes serious among rapid developing communities in modern cities. This paper reviews existing applicable measures of transformer noise control from three aspects: noise suppression of transformer itself, transmission path and transformer peripheral structures. It is indicated that the active noise reduction measure is a targeted noise reduction measure, while the system design and algorithm complexity make it not widely applied. It is also shown that designing a lightweight sound insulation material with high performance for the insulation layer of transformer is a more convenient and long-term noise reduction measure.


Transformer; Noise control; Active noise control; Sound insulation materials