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Study on the Influence of Insulation Layer Number and Temperature of Transformer on Rvm Parameters

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.041


Li Jingkui

Corresponding Author

Li Jingkui


Insulation Layer and Temperature Are Two Important Factors That Influence the Rvm Parameters of Oil Paper Insulation. in Order to Study the Influence, the Samples of Different Temperature and Insulation Layer Were Measured and the Results Were Analyzed in the Laboratory; Results Showed That the Return Voltage Maximum Was Increased under the Increase of Temperature, But the Peak Was Decreased; What’s More, the Initial Slope and Center Time Constant Were Decrease under the Increase of Insulation Layer and Temperature; the Foundation of Comprehensive Study the Rvm Parameters Influencing Factors and Further Promote the Application of Rvm Method in Insulation Detection Was Laid.


Insulation Layer; Temperature; Rvm; Insulation Condition; Oil-Paper