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Assembly Simulation Based on Tecnomatix Ps and Its Application in Automotive Suspension Assembly

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.038


Jidong Teng, Yongcan Piao, Dawei Huang, Kuiying Xie and Hao Fu

Corresponding Author

Jidong Teng


Due to the Three-Dimensional Digitization and Complication of Automotive Design and the Automated Production, Process Simulation Has Become a Necessary Tool in Building the Automotive Automation Production Line. with the Process Simulate Tool in Tecnomatix Software, the Assembly Simulation is Used for the Virtual Verification of All Process Steps and Their Details (Defined in the Manufacturing Process Plan); Industrial Robots Are Programmed and Simulated to Perform Precise and Complex Equipment Functions to Expand the Flexible Automation and Increase the Productivity of the Workshop. Taking the Simulation Process of the Suspension Automation Assembly Stations as an Example, the Application of Process Simulate Tool in the Automobile Assembly Simulation and Automatic Production Line Design is Discussed through the Simulation of Automobile Suspension Automatic Assembly Process and Industrial Robot Motion Simulation.


Process Simulate; Assembly; Simulation; Industrial Robot