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Analysis of Can Bus Frame Loss Compensation Method in 5g Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.034


Chuanlin Yuan

Corresponding Author

Chuanlin Yuan


with the Continuous Development of 5g Technology, Its High Data Rates, Reduced Latency, Energy Savings, Reduced Costs, Increased System Capacity and Large-Scale Device Connection Performance Goals, the Development of Connected Vehicle Technology and Automated Driving Will Rely on Higher Transmission Rates, 5g Networks with Lower Latency. the Can Bus is Widely Used in Automobiles. in North America and Western Europe, the Can Bus Protocol Has Become the Standard Bus for Automotive Computer Control Systems and Embedded Industrial Control Local Area Networks. Can Communications Have Random Delays. When the Can Bus Has a Communication Failure Due to Electromagnetic Interference, Cable Aging, and Loose Connectors, Its Communication Delay Will Increase and Cause Communication to Drop Frames. Since Many Key Components of the Device Are Controlled Based on the Can Bus, Communication Delays and Frame Loss Will Reduce the Performance of the Control System and May Also Damage the Device in Severe Cases. This Article Discusses the Can Bus Frame Loss Compensation Method in the 5g Environment.


5g; Can Bus; Bus Drop Frame; Compensation Method