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Research Progress and Application of Medical Data Mining under the Background of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.033


Keke He, Junfeng Jia

Corresponding Author

Keke He


the Advent of the Era of Big Data Has Brought about Major Changes in Life, Work and Thinking. in the Medical Field, Since the 21st Century, with the Development of Social Economy and Medical and Health Progress, the Spectrum of Human Diseases is Changing, the Types of Diseases Are Increasing, and the Complexity of Etiology, Diagnosis and Treatment is Gradually Increasing. in Order to Improve the Health of Human Beings and Explore the Law of the Occurrence and Development of Diseases, We Need to Constantly Explore and Discover the Hidden Laws from the Vast Amount of Knowledge through the Full Exploitation and Utilization of Medical Big Data. This Will Play an Important Role in Improving the Level of Medical Information Management, Providing Theoretical and Methodological Support for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases, and Promoting Clinical Practice and Decision-Making.


Big Data Area; Health Progress; Data Mining