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The Design and Application of Traditional Sports Events Information Processing Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.032


Mingtao Guo

Corresponding Author

Mingtao Guo


with the Gradual Increase of the Number of Sports Events and the Participation in Sports Activities, the Amount of Information of Sporting Events Will Show Exponential Rate of Growth, Sporting Events Information Provided by Traditional Library Materials and Newspaper Media is Unable to Meet the Current Needs of Researchers to Study on Sporting Events. to Build Intelligent Information Platform of Sporting Events, and to Implement Intelligent Sports Events Information Collection, Sports Events Information Organization, and Sports Events Information Retrieval Will Become a Prerequisite and Basis for in-Depth Study on Sporting Events. and the Rapid Development of Information Technology, Internet, and Artificial Intelligence Also Provides the Appropriate Technical Support for an Intelligent Information Platform of Sports Events.


Sports Event; Information Processing Platform; Information System