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Research on Comprehensive Monitoring System Scheme of Urban Rail Transit Interchange Station

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.031


Wang Ke, Li Xiaohong

Corresponding Author

Wang Ke


the Safe Operation of Urban Rail Transit Depends to a Large Extent on Intricate Equipment Systems and the Control of Equipment by Advanced Monitoring Systems. in Addition to the Traffic Dispatching System That Has a Direct Relationship with Traffic, the Equipment That Guarantees the Safe Operation of the Subway Also Includes Disaster Prevention Alarm Systems (Fas), Equipment Monitoring Systems (Bas), Power Monitoring Systems (Pscada), Broadcasting Systems (Pa), and Television Surveillance System (Cctv), Access Control System (Acs), Etc. When the Urban Rail Transit System Gradually Enters the Network Operation Phase, Its Monitoring System Must Also Be Adapted to the Needs of the Road Network Operation.


Comprehensive Monitoring System Scheme; Urban Rail; Transit Interchange Station