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Development of Electric Drive System and Its Control for Urban Rail Vehicles

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.030


Hongliang Guan

Corresponding Author

Hongliang Guan


Sustainable Development is the Theme of Today's Social and Human Development, and Low-Carbon Transportation is One of the Major Measures in the Concept of Sustainable Development, and It is Also a Key Research and Development and Attention Topic for Transportation Development in Various Countries Around the World. in the Process of Vigorously Developing Urban Rail Transit, the Use of Electric Power and Hybrid Design to Drive the Operation of Rail Transit is Currently the Focus of Our Research. Electric Drive and Hybrid Drive Have Been Widely Promoted and Applied on Urban Buses, But in There Are Relatively Few Applications in the Development of Urban Rail Transit, and There is Still Great Development Potential. in the Context of the Rapid Development of Urban Rail Transit in China, It is of Great Significance to Continuously Research the Electric Transmission Related Technologies of Urban Rail Transit to Develop and Improve the Traction Drive System of Urban Rail Transit.


Electric Drive System; Control System; Urban Rail Vehicles