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Research and Development of Fire Safety System in Higher Vocational College Based on Virtual Reality Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.025


Jie Zhou, Jing Yang, Xiaohua Chen

Corresponding Author

Jie Zhou


Based on Vr Technology and Educational Application, This Paper Analyzes the Theoretical Models of Fire Safety Education in Universities and Fire Universities Based on Vr Technology. Secondly, the System Design Principle and Design Idea Are Summarized. the System Elements Such as Education, Interaction, Reliability, Fun and Science Are Made into the System Framework Design Model, and the Development Process is Classified. Secondly, Based on the Random Modeling of 3dmax System, the Function Module of Virtual Reality is Constructed, the Scene Simulation, User Dialogue Training, Data Management and Control Function Are Implemented, and the University Fire Safety Education System Based on Vr Technology is Completed. Finally, the Vr Helmet Based on Htc Vive Hardware Platform is Tested. through the Function Evaluation and Application Effect Analysis, the System Can Effectively Improve the Effectiveness of Fire Safety Education and Education.


Virtual Reality; Fire Safety Education; Unity; Interaction