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Research and Implementation of Face Recognition in Remote Intelligent Monitoring System

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.024


Xianghui Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xianghui Zhao


in This Paper, a Remote Intelligent Video Monitoring System is Designed. by Adding Face Recognition Technology, the Interested Faces in the Video Are Extracted and Recognized. Considering the Convenience and Cost Saving, the System Uses Embedded Microprocessor Platform and Linux as the Operating System. in the Bottom Layer, V4l2 is Used to Drive Camera Input and Tcp / Ip Network Communication Protocol is Used for Transmission. the System Adopts B / s Architecture, and Can View the Real-Time Video Monitoring Picture in the Form of Browser. in Order to Improve the Limitations of Common Video Surveillance, Face Recognition Technology is Added to Enable It to Independently Screen out the Information of People Appearing in the Video. Adaboost Algorithm is Used to Detect the Face, and Then Lbp Algorithm is Used to Recognize the Detected Face by Training the Face Model Database. Traditional Passive Video Monitoring System Has Some Problems, Such as Low Utilization of Video Data, Waste of Resources, Increase of Labor Cost and So on. Compared with It, the Video Monitoring System Based on Face Recognition Can Identify the Person Information in the Video Actively, Save the Face Data, and Users Can Easily View the Person Information in the Video, Which Has Better Practicability.


Face Recognition; Intelligent Monitoring System; Video Monitoring