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Research on Double Internal Model Control of Induction Motor Ac-Ac Frequency Conversion Speed Regulation System

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.022


Yuanxiu Wu, Haiyan Wang, Zhenlong Qin

Corresponding Author

Yuanxiu Wu


According to the Advanced Internal Model Control Theory, a Dual Internal Model Control Structure is Proposed. Internal Model Control and Compound Cycle Control Induce the Model Design of the Expanded Speed Control System in the Outer Loop of the Frequency of Ac-Ac Variable Speed Control System. Based on the Principle of Internal Model Control and the Principle of Velocity Control System, the Regulator is Designed. the Designed Current Regulator Has Pi Structure, Flux Coupling and Regulator Have Pi or Pid Structure, But All of Them Have One Adjustable Parameter, Which is Simple in Structure and Convenient in Parameter Adjustment. the Simulation Results Show That the Output Dynamic Performance of the System is Better Than That of the Internal Model Control.


Dual Internal Model Control; Induction Motor; Ac-Ac Converter