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Design of High Trust Embedded Operating System Based on Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.021


Xingjian Liu, Xiao Chen

Corresponding Author

Xingjian Liu


the Embedded Application Scenarios Are Very Extensive, Which Are Divided into Many Application Modes, Which Need Different Characteristics and Architectures of the Embedded Operating System. This Paper Analyzes the Mainstream Embedded Real-Time Operating System, Abstracts the Operating System into Light-Weight Operating System, Real-Time Multi Task Operating System, Partition Operating System, Multi-Level Security Operating System and Other Different Types According to the Application Mode and Technical Characteristics, and Describes the Software Architecture of the Operating System from the Perspective of Technical Characteristics, Capability Composition, Structural Framework, Etc., and Proposes a Unified and Open a Flexible Operating System Software Architecture Supports a Single Operating System to Meet the Requirements of Multiple Application Modes through Configuration.


Operating System; Software Architecture; Lightweight; Multitask; Partition; Multilevel Security; Unified Architecture