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Research on Real-Time Temperature Control of University Physics Laboratory Based on Wireless Probe

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.020


Zhenhua Han, Xiaodong Ma

Corresponding Author

Zhenhua Han


the Real-Time Test and Analysis of Experimental Data Play an Important Role in Experimental Education. through Real-Time Data Analysis, We Can Find out the Problems of Students' Experiments and Evaluate the Results Objectively. a Real-Time Test and Analysis System of Experimental Data Based on Wireless Lan Transmission Technology is Developed. the System Configuration Method and Main Functions of Data Transmission Interface, Data Receiving Interface and Data Analysis Interface Are Introduced in Detail. This System Can Solve the Problem That Students Can Not Check and Analyze the Experimental Data in Real Time, and Effectively Improve the Efficiency of Teacher Guidance and the Quality of Classroom Guidance.


Temperature and Humidity Sensor; Wireless Transmission; Real-Time Monitoring System