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Application of Pde in Image Segmentation

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.019


Zhi Fang

Corresponding Author

Zhi Fang


Image Segmentation is a Basic and Important Subject of Image Analysis and Computer Vision. the Goal of Image Segmentation is to Divide the Image Region into Several Separate Parts. in Each Sub Region, the Specific Properties of the Image Represent Consistency. Pde Method is Widely Used in the Field of Image Segmentation. the Basic Idea is That the Level Set Function Evolves under the Control of Pde (Initial and Boundary Conditions). the Zero Order Set of Pde Solution Gives the Target Boundary. the Evolutionary Partial Differential Equation of the Order Set Function is Obtained by Minimizing the Energy Function. This Method is Called Variable Hierarchical Collective Method.


Image Segmentation; Pde; Active Contour