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Research on the Design of Incomplete 3d Information Image Recognition System Based on Sift Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.018


Lian Ding, Wei Du

Corresponding Author

Lian Ding


Image Registration is a Classic Problem in the Field of Image Recognition. It is Widely Used in Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Medical Image Processing and Remote Sensing Information Processing. So Far, Researchers At Home and Abroad Have Studied Image Registration Methods, and Made Many Image Registration Algorithms in the Field of Image Recognition. in Many Algorithms, Scale Invariant Feature Transformation (Feature) Has the Characteristics of Rotation Invariance, Scale Invariance, Saliency, Multiple and Stability to the Change of Visual Angle and Noise. These Characteristics Are to Propose the Local Function of the Function after the Classical Image. This Method is Widely Used in Object Recognition, 3d Reconstruction, Video Search and Other Fields. Summary Image Registration is an Important Step in Image Processing. as the Application Deepens, the Adaptability, Accuracy and Real-Time Requirements of Image Matching Become Higher. Based on Image Registration Principle, Feature Detection and Analysis, Algorithm Research, Feature Euclidean Distance Calculation and So on, the Algorithm Based on Euclidean Distance and Absolute Distance is Proposed.


Image Registration; Image Euclidean Distance; Absolute Distance