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Research on Intelligent Indicator Lamp Control System and Its New Technology Based on Internet of Things Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.011


Mo Jianli, Wu Chenyu

Corresponding Author

Mo Jianli


in Recent Years, with the Wide Application of Modern Communication Technology, Computer Information Technology and Various Sensor Network Technologies, as an Application Example of Internet of Things Technology, Intelligent Lighting Control Has Achieved Rapid Development. the System Designed in This Paper Uses Stc 12c5 A60s2 Microcontroller as the Main Controller to Realize the Perception of Indoor Human Infrared Sensing, Illumination Detection and Other Environmental Parameters. the Esp 8266 Module is Used to Build a Wifi Wireless Local Area Network and Realize the Control Signal Conversion between Wifi Wireless Network and Uart Serial Port. Finally, an Intelligent Indicator Lamp Control System for Household Led Lamps is Realized through an an-Droid Mobile Phone Application Program. the Actual Test Shows That the Designed System is Stable, Safe, Simple and Flexible to Operate, Has the Function of Remote Control, and Has Certain Application Value.


Internet of Things; Indicates the Lamp Control System; Single Chip Microcomputer; Wifi Network