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Research on the Application of Computer Big Data Technology Based on Distributed Data Flow in Urban Power Saving

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.010


Li Qingye

Corresponding Author

Li Qingye


Big Data Technology is Introduced into the Power Industry to Improve the Economic Benefits of Power Operation. the Distributed Parallel Computing Platform Completes the Optimization and Transformation of the Traditional Relational Database Platform. the Performance Test Results in Typical Business Scenarios of Power Grid Prove the Feasibility and Performance Advantages of the Scheme. Based on the Distributed Data Stream as the Data Expression Carrier, the Big Data Technology is Designed, and the Algorithm Corresponding to the Key Steps is Constructed Aiming At the Key Problems That Need to Be Solved in the Classification Mining of Big Data. the Power Grid of Big Data Will Inevitably Make the Urban Power Consumption More Energy-Saving, and Lay a Good Foundation for the Rapid and Steady Development of Power. Key Technologies Such as Distributed Computing Promote the Application of Big Data in Power Production and Management, Which is of Great Significance to Better Serve Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, Economic and Social Development, Resource Conservation and Environmental Construction.


Distributed Data Flow; Big Data Technology; Power; Energy Saving