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Research on Data Standard System Based on Data Middle Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.009


Lin Liu, Yongqing Liu, Yiwang Luo, Shen Lin

Corresponding Author

Lin Liu


Manual Management is the Bottleneck of Data Asset Sorting, and the Ability of Data in Taiwan Has Become One of the Important Construction Contents of Data Center. in the Existing System Data, the Table Association is Mainly Carried out Manually, and It is Easy to Produce Data Inconsistency. in This Paper, a Method of Technical Standard System for Grid Data Resource Service is Proposed. the Method of Vectorization Realizes the Accurate Data Middle Stage with Low Calculation Cost by Constructing Inverse Function, Which Can Record the Changes of Data in the Whole Technical Standard System and Identify Multiple Sources. the Tracking Performance Test on the Existing Data in the Data Center Shows That This Method is Robust to the Change of Data Volume and Number of Layers, and the Middle Time of Data Meets the Actual Application Requirements. Compared with Other Data Middle Stage Technology, This Method is More Suitable for the Technical Standard System of Large-Scale Business Data in Power Grid Industry.


Data Center; Data Standar; Research on Technical Standard System