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Characteristic Analysis of Transmission System Based on Traction of Double Current Electric Locomotive

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.005


Hongliang Guan

Corresponding Author

Hongliang Guan


Electric Locomotive is a Double Current Ac Drive Electric Locomotive. It is Suitable for Ac 25kv / 50hz and Dc 3000v Power Systems. According to Different Power Specifications, the Locomotive Can Realize the Main Circuit Conversion under the Condition of Continuous Operation. This Paper Mainly Introduces the Design Principle of Grid side High Voltage Circuit and Traction Converter System as Well as the Locomotive Control System Function of Electric Locomotive Electric Traction System, and Analyzes the Main Elements and Technical Characteristics of the Design.


Ac Drive Electric Locomotive; Double Current System; Multi Current System; Electric Traction System; Transmission System