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Information Development of Intelligent Logistics Storage in 5G Era

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DOI: 10.25236/IIICEC.2019.001


Duan Chao

Corresponding Author

Duan Chao


in recent years, under the dual promotion of economic globalization and e-commerce, traditional logistics is rapidly transforming into modern logistics and becoming the future development trend. Smart logistics has become the key factor to promote the transformation and upgrading of modern logistics. The continuous development of internet of things, big data and other technologies has brought great influence to all walks of life. The article puts forward that vigorously developing storage management informatization is an important guarantee for the rapid development of intelligent storage. Developing the application of intelligent storage and rfid technology in storage management is the future development direction of storage management informatization. This article will start with the understanding of 5g technology and intelligent logistics to discuss the intelligent logistics in the internet of things era.


5G; Intelligent Logistics Storage; Informatization