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Training of Chinese Foreign Legal Talents under the Rule of Law Environment of “One Belt And One Road” Initiative

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.043


Xiangxiu Wang, Yongpeng Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xiangxiu Wang


Foreign legal personnel is an important participant and executor of China’s Belt and Road initiative in preventing investment risks, resolving trade disputes, and safeguarding national interests. At the same time, the lack of international legal personnel with strong belief in the rule of law, solid legal skills, high level of foreign language, and comprehensive knowledge of subjects has become an important issue that the Belt and Road initiative in China must solve. In view of the current lack of international vision, single English teaching, and weak practical ability in the training of foreign legal personnel in China, the “Five in One” training model is recommended. That is, to strengthen the belief in the rule of law, promote cultural blending and enhance the humanistic feelings of foreign legal personnel. International elements are introduced into the teaching system to expand the international vision of foreign legal personnel. Focus on the integration of law majors and other majors to create multi-purpose foreign legal personnel. Establish a foreign language expertise training system and create foreign legal personnel who are proficient in different foreign languages. Strengthen the training of practical ability and create professional-type foreign legal personnel.


Belt and road initiative; Legal environment; Foreign legal personnel training