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Demand, Present Situation and Optimization of Architectural Art Education from the Perspective of a Broad Concept of Culture

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.040


Shen Duwen, He Yong, Zeng Yicheng

Corresponding Author

Shen Duwen


The broad concept of culture has a great influence on the education of modern architectural art, which also poses new challenges and demands for art education. In order to cultivate an architectural artist with cultural background, students need to be aware of it on the basis of the knowledge taught. However, our current architectural art education is affected by multiple factors such as digitalization, inadequate perception and theoretical ability, and cognitive bias of art education internationalization, so it needs to be comprehensively improved from multi-dimensional perspectives such as art education philosophy, teaching methods, teaching project design and synaesthesia experience.


Architectural art education; Broad concept of culture; New demands; Optimization