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Analysis on the reform and innovation of teaching assessment system in colleges and universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.038


Shao Jianchun, Wu Hongyun

Corresponding Author

Wu Hongyun


With the advancement of the reform of college teachers' assessment and evaluation system, new requirements are put forward for college teaching ability. The evaluation of college teachers is an urgent need to optimize the management of college teachers and improve the teaching quality. This paper studies and analyzes the problems existing in the evaluation system of college teachers and puts forward some corresponding countermeasures. In order to improve the college teaching quality, cultivate qualified applied talents, this paper analyzes different problems existing in the college faculty performance evaluation system, the results of the study show that the improvement of teaching quality in colleges and universities mainly depends on teachers, Reward always works better than punishment. University faculty is a huge potential of repository, it is always a kind of effective management measures to respect college teachers, improve the welfare and benefits, carry out classified management and arouse college teachers' enthusiasm and initiative.


College teachers; Assessment and evaluation; System; Reform