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Characteristics of Impulsive Prisoners in Acquisition and Extinction of Conditioned Fear Emotion

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.033


Chen Rongfeng, Wu Tong, Hu Zongyang, Lu Wanying, Dai Jiaci, Liao Suqun

Corresponding Author

Liao Suqun


The discrimination of conditions of fear paradigm were used to study the characteristics of impulsive prisoners in acquisition and extinction of conditioned fear emotion. On the first day, the task of acquiring and resolving conditioned fear was completed, and the task of resolving conditioned fear was accomplished during the next day. The results showed that: (1) Impulsive prisoners acquired conditioned fears and dissipated. (2) The US expectancy analysis showed that in the process of acquisition and extinction of conditioned fear, impulsive prisoners need more trials than normal people, which showed that although they had acquired conditioned fear, they can’t identified danger signals and safety signals clearly. The results suggest that impulsive prisoners may have obstacles to discern danger signals and safety signals, which may be blinked to their improper reactive behavior in certain situations.


Impulsive prisoners; Conditioned fear; Acquisition; Extinction; Aggressive behavior