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Problems and Strategies of School Education in Yao Culture in Northern Guangdong Province

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.029


Wang Jianlan, Zhao Caihua, Li Zuhua, Zhang Chenglin

Corresponding Author

Wang Jianlan


On the basis of investigation and research, descriptive data are used to illustrate that traditional ethnic festivals are the main platform for inheriting Yao culture; Teaching activities are the main way to impart knowledge and skills of Yao nationality. In addition, not only the curriculum system of teaching Yao knowledge and skills in ethnic school needs to be improved, but also the Yao cultural knowledge and skills of teachers need to be enhanced urgently. The finding shows that the core strategy of inheriting Yao culture in school education is to set up the concept of paying attention to Yao culture inheritance, focus on improving the quality of Yao culture education teachers, and adopt colorful Yao culture education forms.


Yao ethnic group; Cultural inheritance; School education; Problems; Strategies