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The Protection and Inheritance of Technique about Ruyuan “Guoshan Yao” Embroidery of Guangdong Province

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.027


Zuhu LI, Jianlan Wang

Corresponding Author

Zuhu LI


Ruyuan “Guoshan Yao” Embroidery has a unique style, with the value of protection and inheritance. At present, Ruyuan “Guoshan Yao” Embroidery is facing all kinds of pressure, which is on the verge of extinction. Therefore, the protection and inheritance work is imminent. There is an urgent need for government departments, education departments, Yao people compatriots and all sectors of society to work together to establish a long-term mechanism to promote the conservation, inheritance and development of Ruyuan “Guoshan Yao” Embroidery into a new normal , and help it has all glory in the world stage.


Embroidery; Guoshan yao; Arts education; Protection; Inheritance