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Correlation Analysis of Physical Health Measurement Indexes

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.022


Xu Landong, Wang Hongzhao

Corresponding Author

Wang Hongzhao


According to the physical health measurement data of 5219 students in Changchun Guanghua University in 2019, the X 2and the P of each index of male and female students were calculated by SPSS20.0 and Excle, and the measurement indexes were comprehensively analyzed. Binary logistic regression analysis was used to analyze the correlation of internal factors between the total score and each measurement index. Correlation analysis was used to study the Correlation between male and female students. Using the partial correlation analysis between related to various physical indicators, in 50 meters without controlled variable male run, standing long jump in succession, crook proneness and lung capacity, 50 meters, standing long jump with a significant linear relationship between the various measure, after the control of height, weight, weighted linear relationship between the various physical indexes, correlation degree is high, this shows a greater influence on the correlation between height and weight of each index.


Changchun Guanghua University; Physical health measurement data; Measurement indicators; The correlation; significant