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Comparative Study of Reading Literacy in China and Abroad Based on Bibliometrics Measurements and Visualization

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.021


Ding Jie

Corresponding Author

Ding Jie


Reading literacy is an important area of interest in reading research. The improvement of reading literacy is not only conducive to the development of personal reading ability, but also an important indicator of the development of reading ability of the whole nationality. Based on the theory and method of knowledge graph bibliometrics, this paper selects the core data of Web of Science core database and Chinese CNKI knowledge network as the basic data, and uses the visual analysis software Citespace to analyze relevant data, through the keyword clustering distribution map, co-cited relationship diagram, subject distribution map, core author distribution map, etc. It elucidates the comparative issues such as hotspots, development trends, research theme and research trends of reading literacy research in China and abroad.


Reading literacy; visual analysis; measurement statistics