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Research on Military Social Support System Based on Mental Health Management

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.019


Guoxin Li, Sishi Dai

Corresponding Author

Guoxin Li


Mental health management is a behavioral science that regulates, counsels, and inquires individuals or groups, which includes psychological physical examination, mental health assessment, and psychological risk. It is conducive to the growth and all-round development of military officers and soldiers, and it is conducive to enhancing ideological education effect and build a psychological defense line. To this end, we need to build a perfect social support system, paying attention to the role of organizational functions, highlighting the creation of a healthy and harmonious family atmosphere, building mutually supportive and tolerant interpersonal relationships, and conducting psychological education in time. Serving to enhance the combat effectiveness of troops. Mental health management is based on psychological physical examination data and according to the principles of health management. It regulates, counsels, strengthens, and inquires individuals and groups, and operates on mental health risk factors to keep individual or group psychological activities at high Levels and processes that maintain normal social adaptation. The management system, as an important part of applied psychology, has a very broad prospect, especially in the social support of military personnel.


Psychological examination; psychological health assessment; psychological risk; organizational system support; family environment support; interpersonal relationship support