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The Training Method to Enhance the Psychological Immunity of Pilots

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.010


DENG Changchun, ZHAO Xiuying, LIU Shoushuo, QI Yinsong,LIU Jianxuan

Corresponding Author

ZHAO Xiuying


In the long history of psychology, more attention has been paid to mental illness and treatment, but in fact, the more important thing should be to adjust the positive level of emotion, especially for pilots. In this paper, the positive psychology method is used in discussing some aspects that pilots need to face in the stress environment and give methods: self-confidence, optimism, and fearlessness are generated in the process of action, therefore, experience is the way to gain self-confidence; the method of cognitive therapy can changes pilots 'incorrect cognitive and dangerous attitudes; Stress management ensures that pilots have the ability to resist stress. This method makes the pilot's mental health level above the horizontal level, so that he can achieve a certain degree of immunity to various psychological problems and can better perform flight tasks.


Positive psychology; Strong psychology; Psychological immunity