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The Operating Mechanism of Stress in Nervous System and How to Adjust Emotion to Reduce the Harm of Stress to Human Body

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.009


DENG Changchun, ZHAO Xiuying, BU Jian, DI Fei, JIANG Ruochong

Corresponding Author

ZHAO Xiuying


Stress is a process of adaptive and responsive response when an individual is confronted with or perceives the threat or challenge of environmental changes to the organism, which is often referred to as the psychosomatic response to stress. In order to help pilots to adjust their mental state, maintain physical and mental health, maintain positive emotional learning and training, avoid the harm caused by excessive stress reaction; summarize the nerve operation mechanism of stress system and its pathogenic mechanism; analyze the essence and connotation of stress (stress); finally give the emotional adjustment method of stress.


Stress; Mood; Psychosomatic illness; Psychotherapy