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Qualitative Analysis of Text Interpretation Behavior System——Another interpretation of the Educational process

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.007


CHEN Jinhui and WANG Yong

Corresponding Author

CHEN Jinhui


Hermeneutic has a great influence on educational theory. In a sense, the essence of the process of education is a kind of interpretation process of all kinds of texts related to education.When we regard the interpretation of text as a purposeful behavior system of human beings, the system has at least the following five basic elements, namely, text, interpreter, interpretation goal, interpretation activity and interpretation environment. These five elements are both interrelated and interactive.the text elements have a basic position in the system,The elements of the interpreter have the status of subject.the target element has a directional function in the system,The interpretation of environmental factors plays an important role in the system.The elements of interpretation activity play a central role in the system, and there are at least two forms of interpretation cycles, and these cyclic characteristics profoundly reveal the complexity of educational text interpretation behavior.Therefore, the success or failure of education depends to a large extent on the effect of text interpretation.


Qualitative analysis; Educational process; Text; Interpretation