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Research on the Framework of Online Course Design Based on “First Principles of Instruction”

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.006


Dayong Gao and Yanli Ji

Corresponding Author

Dayong Gao


In the field of online courses, people are keen on the research and application of new technologies and theories, but ignore the application of traditional teaching theories and basic cognitive psychology. That deviates from the essence of learning to some extent. Nowadays, the learning environment and means are quite different from the past, but the essence of learning has not changed. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the traditional teaching theories to online courses. As an attempt to bring online courses back to the essence of learning, we suggested applying Merrill's First Principles of Instruction in the online courses, and proposed an online course design framework based on it. We have built an online course of Java programming using that framewok, and our teaching practice showed that the framework was effective in online course design and online teaching. Our research results could provide enlightenment and reference for more application of teaching theories and cognitive theories to online courses design and development in the future.


Instructional design; Effective learning; E3 teaching