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Constructing an integrated practical teaching system to strengthen cultivation of students’ ability

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.005


Linyuan Ma

Corresponding Author

Linyuan Ma


Practical teaching provides an important channel for cultivating students' ability. It has become an important link for adult higher education, but also a weak link, where plenty of complicated problems exist. Merely solving several of these problems cannot achieve complete reform and smooth development of practical teaching. By statistical analysis of the problems therein, an integrated practical teaching system composed of "one main line, two combinations, four platforms and four guarantees" is established as go-between to reasonably connect the various links and elements of practical teaching. In this way, we can coordinate and solve all kinds of problems, successfully achieve the talent training goals of adult higher education, ensure continuous improvement of teaching quality in campus, and fully meet market demand off campus.


Adult higher education; practical teaching system; integration; elements; practical ability