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“Course Education” into Professional Course of < Principles of Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing >

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DOI: 10.25236/icecbn.2019.003


Yan Junxia, Ou Bingxian and Zhang Lianren

Corresponding Author

Ou Bingxian


To integrate ideological and political work into the whole process of education and teaching, thus achieving whole-course, all-round education by all staff, lecture of professional courses in colleges and universities must not only impart professional knowledge and skills to students, but also give course education when necessary. Based on the characteristics of mechanical engineering undergraduates and teachers, this paper analyzes the necessity of course education. Taking engineering certification and dual first-class construction as the background, it explores the path for course education in professional courses with “Principles of Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing” as an example.


Mechanical engineering; Course education; Computer-aided design and manufacturing