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Research on Intelligent Attendance Management Mode Based on Finger Vein Algorithm

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.089


Wendong Zhao

Corresponding Author

Wendong Zhao


This paper presents a new finger vein recognition algorithm for checking in attendance, based on the research of finger vein recognition. At first, the principle of finger vein image acquisition is analyzed, and then the image was processed by wavelet Gabor technology to make the processed image better show the features of human finger vein texture, and then the template matching algorithm was used for recognition. Finally, the improved finger vein recognition algorithm, UDP protocol and Socket components were used comprehensively to realize the attendance system of extracurricular physical exercise for students. The application results show that the improved algorithm in this paper has achieved high recognition accuracy, also reduced the false detection rate, and the speed of operation has been greatly improved, basically meeting the application needs of attendance check.


Wavelet transform; Finger vein recognition; Extracurricular physical exercise; Sign in to check on work attendance