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Research on Flipped Classroom of Teaching Mode

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DOI: 10.25236/icmeem.2019.086


Yongqian Li, Mei Zhao

Corresponding Author

Mei Zhao


The information technology and the integration of education have promoted the process of the information education, and the traditional classroom teaching mode has been unable to meet the needs of information society for education. As a kind of new teaching mode, which flips the classroom to improve the teaching quality of colleges to strength the students’ ability of self-study, it provides a new path that can give full play to the advantages of modern information technology, and lets the student in the class teaching by watching video preview. It helps students completely master the absorption of knowledge in the classroom and after the class. Based on the important significance to improve the quality of classroom teaching, the paper puts up with the suggestion for the flip class mode.


Flipped classroom; Teaching skills; Self-study ability